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Spatial planning
  • Infrarot-Luftbild
  • Grünraummonitoring Wien 2005
  • Biotoptypen Hochstraße Inzersdorf
  • Maßnahmenflächen - Tiere
  • Raum-Analyse
  • Erreichbarkeit von Grünflächen in Wien
  • Südsteirisches Herz
  • test erreichbarkeiten buero mit oeffi
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Spatial planning

Spatial planning and environmental assessment

In a world that places ever-increasing demands on its environment, issues surrounding natural resources, land use and spatial planning are constantly gaining in importance. This also has a bearing on the approach taken in environmental studies and surveys. Whereas environmental assessments used to be carried out as highly specialist expert studies, they are now developed by interdisciplinary teams with a view to finding integrated solutions.